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MotivityPT & Performance

Top 1% Orthopedic Manual Physical Therapy Credentials 

What is Manual Physical Therapy? 

Manual Physical Therapy is a specialization within the practice of Physical Therapy where hands on / manual contact is a primary tool for the:​

  • Examination 

  • Clinical reasoning processes

  • Treatment 

  • Reassessment 

The specific feel or mobility of a person's joints and soft tissues plays a major role in informing the Manual Physical Therapist what needs be done to help.  Proficiency usually requires years of specific training and mentorship outside what can be taught in a Physical Therapy Doctoral Program. 

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Garrett Petry


I am a Manual Physical Therapist and passionate holistic health and wellness practitioner specializing in Manual Therapy. I’ve dedicated much of my life to developing a unique skillset to help you. For example, I’ve relocated across the country multiple times to earn some of the most prestigious credentialing in Manual Physical Therapy, completing two post-doctoral fellowships in Manual Therapy. One of which less than 1% of Physical Therapists have completed (FAAOMPT) and another for which there are less than 50 (FFMT). I want you to live your passions whether that’s competing at the highest level of sport or dance, running ultramarathons, living as a weekend warrior or playing with kids or grandkids. As of March 2023, I am expanding MotivityPT from Chicago IL to San Diego to help you.

A Manual Physical Therapist works to improve function and decrease or eliminate pain. They do this by helping to restore or facilitate healthy, natural movement within the  human movement system which can be lost for many reasons (injuries, surgeries, traumas, inflammation, sub-optimal postures etc.) 

Human Movement System: Short list 

  • Bones / Joints 

  • Muscles / Ligaments / Tendons

  • Intervertebral discs / Menisci 

  • Deep fascia surrounding muscles, tendons and bones 

  • Skin and superficial fascia 

  • Fascia covering and connecting nerves, organs and vasculature

  • Muscle Strength, Coordination & Balance 

  • Functional Movements & Loading Patterns   

What does a Manual Physical Therapist do? 

The power of creating movement 

How Can Motivity Help?

Motivity at it's core is different. The difference is best understood once experienced. Below is an articulation to describe what makes MotivityPT exceptionally positioned to help you experience your body optimally. 


Manual Therapy & Wellness

  • Sports medicine treatment

  • Orthopedic care 

  • Unresolved, chronic issues

  • Healthy aging care

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Neuromuscular Training 

  • Optimize muscle firing patterns

  • Awakening dormant muscles

  • Improve coordination


Movement Education

  • Optimal movement training

  • Pain-reducing or pain-eliminating movement training

  • Life-long movement guidance

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Most people know when their body is working optimally or not, especially athletes. Frequently, little attention is provided to these inefficiencies because many will either; fight through them, are used to them usually going away eventually, or don’t think action can be taken to correct the issue. This is your way to take action.  


Our bodies change over time relative to the stresses they endure. 20 years at a desk job or a 20 year yoga practice will effect your body differently. MotivityPT is here to help optimize your experience, regardless of where your body's been or where you’d like to go. Live well. 

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Recent injury

For most injuries, treatment sooner rather than later will expedite the healing process. Proper alignment is an ideal anti-inflammatory. Regaining tissue mobility and strength, can aid in eliminating your pain and restoring function to get you back to doing the things you love!

Longstanding chronic & complex issues

A broad view, respecting the interconnectivity of the body is often necessary when traditional treatment fails to meet expectations. Appreciating the unique history of your body (traumas / surgeries / injuries), its internal state (inflammatory tendencies / cognitive perspective) and your holistic movement system can often lead to succeeding when others haven’t. 

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Specialized Treatment

Unparalleled Manual Therapy

Motivity’s approach to Manual Therapy starts with the highest level credentialing for Manual Therapy in the country and holistically integrates treatment of joints, muscles, and the fascial system (from skin to bone, fascia attaching to and surrounding muscles, nerves, vasculature and even organs). 

Runners & Athletic Performance

Athletes need tissue mobility and strength more than most. If tissue mobility is limited, movement efficiency will be hindered, and performance declines. This is particularly true if there are injuries or surgeries in your past. Motivity’s holistic view focuses on the tissue motion, muscle activation and movement patterning to help you perform and feel your best. 

Temporomandibular Disorders (TMD), Airway, & Headaches 

The cranium, jaw, and neck have a multitude of vital functions and sensitive structures which need to work and move in harmony. Physical trauma, psychological / environmental stress, systemic inflammation, and developmental abnormalities can disrupt this harmony leading to many issues around the jaw, head and airway. We have the knowledge and knowhow to help guide you through these challenges.  

Post Injury & Traumatic Injury Care

When an injury occurs, the body does its best to protect, serve and heal you by creating tissue adaptations (i.e. scars, muscle tension and fascial density). When the body deals with an injury or traumatic event (car or other accident, fall, blast or surgery) various tissue adaptations occur relative to the event, which can conflict with your movement needs. Exercising through this can get you only so far, Manual Therapy is often needed to get you to your next stage. 

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