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Child Physiotherapy


MotivityPT is here to help at any stage of your journey.

All sessions provided are one-on-one customized care 

Initial Examination (85 min)

Price $225*- $270  

A detailed physical examination necessary to determine an understanding of your current situation, and develop a treatment plan. Soft tissue and joint mobility will be assessed in addition to strength testing and movement pattern screening. Treatment is provided with remaining time available. 

*Limited time introductory rate for San Diego only

Two Hour Treatment 

Price $300* - 360

Only after an examination has been performed. A useful offering for those who have multiple body regions needing treatment, are traveling in from out of state or have limited time in the area, have significant soft tissue dysfunction, appreciate extra time with their practitioner or feel their bodies benefit from greater amount of body work. 

*Limited time introductory rate for San Diego Only

Extended Examination (2hr)

Price $300* -  $360

A unique offering in health and wellness which allows time for the development of a  deep understanding of your needs. For those who have a complex history, significant unresolved issues, multiple issues, traveling from out of state or feel they’d benefit from extra time with their practitioner. 


*Limited time introductory rate for San Diego only 

Telehealth session
(exam or treatment)

Price $180

Connect with MotivityPT remotely for a range of options from receiving an examination or treatment if unable to attend in person. Other uses are; to receive a second opinion, future treatment planning, refinement of home exercise plan and providing mentorship for your local therapist from afar. 

Follow up Treatment (55')

Price $180

Only scheduled after an examination has been performed. One on one treatment session based on your examination findings consisting of Manual Therapy, Neuromuscular Re-education (NMR), Motor Control Training, and specific exercise program development based on your current needs. Emphasis is placed upon experiencing improvements during and following every single session.

In Home Session 
(exam or treatment)

Price starts at $270

Offered for convenience if you are unable to leave home. Price determined by duration of time needed for in home session and distance traveled. 

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