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"The energy of the group is as important, if not more important than the talent of the individuals" 

                    Rick Rubin (music producer)   

Professional Collaboration

Health and Fitness Professionals

Our goal at Motivity is to keep your clients working with you. It is our belief, a regular movement practice is one of the most important parts of health and well being for all people and you play a vital role.  

If your client's progress is suffering due to:

  • Nagging aches / pains

  • Mobility limitations & movement dysfunction

  • Chronic pain / recurrent injuries 

  • Sub-optimal muscle activation


This is where Motivity comes in. Our Manual Therapy approach will holistically evaluate their movement system to determine what treatment is needed to help them to reach their goals with you!


This is especially true if your client has a history which includes:

  • Single or multiple surgeries (especially abdominal/ pelvic surgeries)

  • Fractures/ sprains

  • Scoliosis

  • Systemic inflammatory issues  

  • Physical traumas (falls, car or ski accidents etc.)


We shine with these folks, as frequently, these are patients that have significant tissue limitation / dysfunction of their movement system (fascial, muscular, joint, neural, visceral, muscle activation, loading patterns and their interactions), and we have the knowhow to help. 


We work to develop a synergistic relationship between you (the Fitness Professional), your client and us at Motivity. The synergy is based in communication and collaboration utilizing each of our respective strengths while focusing on your client’s needs to maximize their progress towards feeling the way they want. 


As a Fitness Professional you may be asking, "how is Motivity different from other PT or Bodywork providers?” Let us show you!


We believe that once you experience the difference, you’ll better understand how we can work together to collectively help those who we work with and care for. 

What Makes Motivity Different?  

We'd love learn about your practice and work with passionate practitioners.  

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