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Motivity Philosophy

- Movement is Life

- Function First.

- Anatomy Dictates and We Listen.

- You Matter.

Movement is life. Each structure in the body supports some vital function related to movement. From muscles to fascia, tendons and joints, to nerves, vasculature and visceral organs all have functions related to movement. How this all comes together determines much of how you function. (More coming soon)

Function first. When mobility and strength are present throughout your body, function is enabled and pain typically subsides. We focus on FUNCTION as this provides insight into your movement and expedites the journey to you feeling better. (More coming soon)

Anatomy / Physiology Dictates and We Listen. Your body and your mind tells the story and we must listen. Like a callus is formed on your foot by the way you walk, the shoes you wear and the activities you do, your body records these stresses and tries to adapt best to help you. The concept of stress creating a tissue adaptation (like a callus) holds true through your whole body, integrating past surgeries, traumas (concussions / car accidents / falls / fractures ), systemic inflammation, and even sprained ankles! Each of the above influences the way you move. Often, your body tolerates these stresses well but people’s bodies can often reach a tipping point where it can no longer tolerate all that has accumulated and symptoms like pain or other movement dysfunctions become evident. No two people have the same story, the same body or the same stresses, therefore we must take time to listen to what you and your body are telling us to help you optimally.

You matter. Everyone has a unique body which has progressed through a unique life. Our physical, perceptual, cultural and emotional story develops how we experience our bodies and see our world. Understanding and acknowledging the various parts of your physical and perceptual experience provides a unique path for progress through a challenging experience or can help you enjoy your body optimally as you age. (More coming soon)


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