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Most people know when their body is working optimally or not, especially athletes. Frequently, little attention is provided to these inefficiencies because many will fight through them, are used to them going away eventually, or don’t think there is an action that can be taken to correct the issue. This is your way to take action.  


Longevity/ Wellness

Our bodies change over time relative to the stresses they endure. 20 years at a desk job or a 20 year yoga practice will effect your body differently. Motivity PT is here to help optimize your experience, regardless of where you’ve been or where you’d like to go. Experience optimal.

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Recent Injury (Acute / Subacute)​

For most injuries, treatment sooner rather than later will expedite the healing process. Proper alignment is an ideal anti-inflammatory. Regaining mobility and strength to eliminating pain and restoring function to get you back to doing the things you love!


Longstanding Chronic Issues / Complex Issues

A broad view, respecting the inter interconnectivity of the body is often necessary when traditional treatment fails to meet expectations. Appreciating the unique history of your body, internal state (inflammatory tendencies / cognitive perspective) and your holistic movement system can often lead to succeeding when others haven’t. 

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